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World War Z is one of the Brad Pitt’s film. Brad Pitt didn’t take the risk like Killing Them Softly. It is well known that with a classic Hollywood film, it is more safe to enter the big screen.

The events of World War Z are always beginning with the effect of a virus from the Far East. People turn into zombies one by one, and this virus is spreading all over the world. This time the man who will save the world is Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt).

The film is based on Max Brooks’ novel, World War Z. As a matter of fact, the story of the virus epidemic has been very, very long and long for the white screen. This rush started after 28 days after its film, which was combined with the cliché of Earth’s rescue, was a commercial film. This of course does not show that the film is uniform, far from action and tension.

As far as we can tell from his trailer, a full throttle of action and tension is waiting for us. When we look at the film’s comments, some people find the film high-tempo, while others say it’s not satisfying. World War Z IMDB score is 7.4. This point is enough to watch the movie in the cinema!
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