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Business cards are indispensable for individual and corporate employees. You must use a business card to create a positive impact. If you plan to design a business card, you should also know that the font you use is important. You have noticed that some fonts create a friendly atmosphere while some fonts are extremely serious. So how do you want to look? Have you ever thought? In this article, we will try to explain the fonts you can use in your business cards.

In the corporate world, we all meet people from different companies. Most of them are random. For example, in a corporate event or a publicity night abil We give our business card to communicate with the people we meet. According to the surveys, if your business card is nice, people keep your business card longer. If people keep your business card for a long time, they will increase their reach.

If you are representing a Bussiness to bussiness company, you should choose “Arial”, “Times New Novel”, “Bahnschrift Condensed r,“ Agency FB ”,“ Courier New ”and“ Calibri ediy. For example, a font like acak “Broadway” would not be suitable for a company in this lane.

If you work as a graphic designer, if you are in the entertainment or beauty industry, it is useful to select moving fonts. Examples for moving fonts are “Snap ITC”,”Algerian”, “Forte”.

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