What should be seen in Como?

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What should be seen in Como

With Great Rail Journeys student discount you can easily reach Como. What should be seen in Como? Although Como is a quiet environment, it is a very rich place to visit and see.

Lake Como is famous for its magnificent villas. We know that many stars have bought a villa in Como. How about seeing the villas? It is not possible to visit all the villas. Villa Olma is open to the public. Villa Olmo has a very spacious, elegant and extraordinary garden.

Villa Olmo tour: George Clooney’nın villa, but we still do not have a villa in Como to visit a villa if you say the most public ones: Villa Olmo. Frescos decorated rooms and beautiful gardens do not stop the trip.

Como silk is world famous. Everyone going to Como buys a silk accessory. You can learn silk history by visiting the Ipek Museum.

Do you know there’s an island in Como? Isola Comacino! This little green island is a paradise garden. There’s even a restaurant in Isola Comacino.

It is almost impossible to find a place to stay in the Villa D içinEste Hotel, which has served almost 150 years. You may still want to visit Villa DeyeEste. Fascinating sculptures and water flowing from the fountains will come to you as paradise.

Stop by Bellagio. Bellagio is a medieval village in Como. Bellagio will take you back centuries. You won’t want to return to our day. Just take a couple of hours for the small town of Bellagio.

Take the Laglio expedition. Take the Laglio expedition to see the villas of famous names around the world. You can watch these villas remotely because it is forbidden to go very close to the villas.

Go to Brunate for a beautiful view of Como. You can go to Brunate using a ropeway. You will look at a nature table.

Don’t forget to take a ride with small boats. It will give you peace of mind to flow in the tranquil waters of Lake Como. Green, blue, gray and white la It is a wonderful feeling to walk around in all the colours of nature.

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