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HomePrivacy Policy is a website that publishes sale coupons, discounts, voucher codes and promotional news about online shopping for the benefit of the community. Visitors are deemed to have accepted the following conditions. offers vouchers, discounts, promotions, campaigns and coupons for online or offline stores; publishes to inform those who search for related information on the internet. has two types of posts:

-First type of posts aim to inform visitors about “coupon codes”, “voucher codes”, “discount coupons”, “discount codes”, or “gift cards”.

-Secondly; tally or discounted shopping opportunities, online or offline discount campaigns, and award-winning competition news. is not an e-commerce site and it does not sell anything.

All information at is open for personal use by those who want to shop online. However, it is forbidden to copy this information for commercial purposes and use it outside of its intended purpose.

Information published at is compiled from various sources (social media, internet sites, press bulletins etc.). is free to publish or not to publish any campaigns and coupons. The website may not publish news that is deemed misleading or worthless or repetitive or unimportant for its visitors. editors and site owners cannot be deemed responsible for errors, flaws, inaccuracies or other similar information that may appear on the site due to problems that may occur in the data entry, an update of the data, mistakes in the data source. It is the responsibility of each user to use the information contained in the site. only provides “a service to bring the information to practical use”. does not guarantee the accuracy of news and information posted on the website. The information published in the website, may be changed due to the speed of internet, have been removed, have been removed. is not responsible for any cancellation, postponement, termination, suspension of any kind of discounts, coupons, and promotions. Our users must verify the information in person. Our users agree that all information on our site may be incomplete, excessive, altered, incorrect or unmodified. accepts no responsibility for the quality, warranty, prices, sales terms, after-sales services of the products you buy or receive from the addresses mentioned and/or vouchers presented and/or provided with the links. You are responsible for all of your purchases from these sites or stores. offers a service that brings information about discounts, campaigns, coupons just for your convenience.

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