Places to visit in Amsterdam

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Places to visit in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the entertainment center of the Netherlands. It is the common point for European youth to make their weekend getaways. The best ticket prices to go to Amsterdam can be found on the Expedia UK Student Discount page. Take some time to visit the city on the morning of the long and fun nights. We’ve created a small list of quick and efficient city trips.

Dam Square

Dam Square is one of the busiest places in Amsterdam. Most of the visitors from outside the city and from abroad come under this. That’s why it’s too crowded. It is also possible to see the artists who want to benefit from this crowd.

Dam Square is home to the Royal Palace. When the King comes to Amsterdam, he lays in the Royal Palace. The coronation is done at the church in the square. If you wish you can visit the palace and the church. There is also the National Monument on Dam Square. The National Monument is a monument erected for those who lost their lives in the war.


The reason why Rijksmuseum is one of the most important museums in Amsterdam is to exhibit the works of famous artists in the museum. The building was built in 1885. Thousands of art works are exhibited in the museum

Another feature of the Rijksmuseum is that it has a library with more than thirty books.

Nieuwe Kerk

Nieuwe Kerk is located in Dam Square, which we mentioned just before. An antique church is a medieval museum. Don’t go without seeing this church crowned by kings.

Amsterdam Canals

Almost every tourist who goes to Amsterdam joins the Amsterdam canal tour. You take the Amsterdam canal tour. If your budget is plenty, choose the canal tour which serves dinner. Follow Amsterdam canals with a nice dinner.


Zeedijk is one of the most touristy streets of Amsterdam. At the same time, it is one of the oldest streets. This street is the oldest building in Amsterdam. The building was built in the 1400s.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum has the richest Van Gogh collection in the world. In the Van Gogh Museum, you can see hundreds of works by the artist. More than a hundred thousand people visit the Van Gogh Museum every month. Why are you one of these people?


Westerkerk is famous because one of the Queen of the Netherlands was married in a church. Built in the 17th century. In this respect, the church is both populist and classical.

Rembrandt House Museum

This museum was an old artist’s house. Now it is the center of attention of tourists. Painter Rembrandt lived in this house for 21 years. Rembrandt göres paintings and sculptures can be seen in this museum.

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