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Nonnon white shoe style

White shoes are often used in summer and in winter. Especially in the last 2 years, we have been witnessing that white shoes and boots are also used in winter. What clothes can you wear Nonnon white shoes? We have three different suggestions for this.

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Be white

Wear all your clothes white. For example, you can wear white sneakers or white heels under a white T-shirt and white jeans. This white combination that you will wear in spring and summer will add a simple and at the same time a flamboyant look.

Use neon colors

You can wear white sneakers in neon green or neon orange clothing. You can also choose to wear a white heeled shoe under the neon colors in your invitations.

Classic sports look

You can wear your white shoes under blue jeans and a simple shirt. The most useful feature of white shoes is that they are in harmony with all clothes. But don’t stay away from the following fashion. We have presented the three most trendy styles of recent years. You can choose the combination that best suits your style according to these three styles.

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