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Morocco is influenced by many styles and cultures due to its cosmopolitan structure. This effect is reflected in the decoration of houses in Morocco. There is an authentic style of decoration that uses a combination of more pastel colors. Usually vivid colors – usually red, fuchsia, blue, green – are blended with golden yellow. The furniture is simple but colorful. These furniture are usually animated with patterned fabrics. Many colors are used at the same time is thought to be actually in the eye, but the Moroccan style is used in a very harmonious decoration that you feel yourself in a peaceful environment.

Moroccan style decorations have simple elements, but some accessories and light fixtures give a luxurious look to the place with its exaggerated models.

The only thing that is indispensable in Moroccan style is the pillows. You should use as many and different colors of pillows as possible. Good quality fabrics should be preferred for the cushions. It is not difficult to find the furniture you choose in Moroccan style. In this decoration style bearing the traces of the Ottoman breeze, tile lamps and various illuminations, wide pillows, furniture closer to the floor and wooden tables are preferred.

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