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Hawes and Curtis White Shirts

I wonder about Hawes & Curtis’s best-selling product. I bet this is a white shirt! The indispensable suit of all time is just a white shirt. You ask why? Because you can create great combos. I’m sure you have a white shirt. But there’s no reason not to buy another one. Go to our Hawes & Curtis student discount page and buy your shirt at an affordable price.

So how do you use the Hawes & Curtis white shirt? Here are a few ideas for you.


Women who work can wear white shirts with any skirt regardless of colour. A straight, striped, frilly or colourful skirt. Hawes & Curtis White Shirt will fit all these skirts. Don’t you want to think about what I should wear today? Then wear a white shirt and use your skirt underneath.


A white shirt and jeans. How old are you? It does not matter. Because women of all ages can wear white shirts and jeans. And the white shirt suits us all.

Black White

Create contrast and wear your white shirt with black cloth trousers. Your black trousers may be narrow cut or high waist. In any case, a shoe with a black heel will fit.

Attraction source

Open your white shirt buttons slightly. Leave the buttons open so that the bustier can be seen. The colour of your choice is a bustier and a white shirt will add you a spectacular charm.

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