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Looking at the models of the Guess handbags, we see that he still preserves his classic style. While the models with the Guess emblem are usually dominated by pastel colors, there are no colorful models available for the summer.

Looking at the autumn winter fashion, Guess handbags are predominantly colored. Rugged, black, brown and dark colors such as khaki leather models will look quite popular this winter.


Guess bags in spring summer fashion, pale blue, pale green soft colors, such as are located. You can also see a combination of different colors in the collection, which has been slightly influenced by the ethnic patterns and African lines that have recently appeared in the fashion lanes. This year is the favorite case of the combination of many colors in summer fashion. And if your bag is added, you can have a more complicated style. Therefore, if you are buying a colored bag, it will be beneficial to choose a one-color outfit.


Guess bags are among the most imitated products in recent times. If you haven’t bought your bag from a mall, there’s a possibility of being fake. Produced mostly in China, these counterfeit models of Guess handbags can escape from the careless eyes even though they are characterized by their low quality and low construction. For this reason, you should pay attention to the colors of the bag, the smoothness of the pressure on the bag and the perfectness of the stitch when buying your bag. One of the simple ways to find out if the bag is fake is to look at the bottom of the bag. If you have stitches at the bottom of the Guess bag you’re thinking to buy is probably a fake.

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