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Gucci is among the brands you can buy on the Cruise Fashion student discount. So how would you like to find out which parts of Gucci stand out in the spring-summer season of 2019? Gucci opened the spring-summer season. In September 2018, the fashion show in France Gucci gave us an idea about summer fashion.

Gucci Jumpers and jacquard pants

We’re not used to jumpers and jackets. This is a completely new generation Gucci style. Gucci proposes this combination, especially for street fashion. Although most women prefer to use it in invitations, this combination is actually a daily combination.

Masked boots

Masked boots are the favourite of 2019. Not only Gucci but also many other brands offered the creation of masquerade boots for their customers. You can combine your masculine boots with Maxi skirts and short pants.

Oversize sun glasses

Lady Gaga had seen the future 10 years ago. Thanks to the oversize sunglasses that cover most of the face, you will be noticed even more than 100 meters away.

Ornate sneaker with crystals

Gucci created an eclectic fashion combining old and new. Classic sneakers combined with crystals

Oversize vests

Old fashioned tweed vests are now the latest fashion. Combined with mini skirts.

Platform heel loafers

Platform heel loafers also have a masculine look. You can participate in invitations organized in summer nights, especially with black colour platform heel loafer.

Leopard pattern

Leopard pattern is an unattractive piece of fashion. In the previous years, the accessories often encountered in the leopard pattern is used in 2019 Gucci dresses.

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