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We all do not change to enjoy sitting in the garden in the summer months. During these rare months when the sun smiles at us, our garden is a recreation and recreation area for us. If you have a few simple items in your garden – like tables and chairs, for example – and we have some ideas for you, if you’re bothering yourself.

Set your style

First, foresee what kind of style you want your garden to have. For example, would you like a Moroccan style with colourful cushions? Or is the Scandinavian style used in wooden furniture more suitable for you?

Choose up to 3 hues after you have determined your style. These colours should match your furniture with your floor and accessories.

Follow diy decorating on social media

We see spectacular gardens on social media sites and we think we can never have them. We only need a little labour to have them. You can add the desired air to your garden thanks to your own furniture and arrangements.

Follow DIY decorating on social media. Especially in Pinterest furniture pots have thousands of amazing ideas for flowers and accessories. It’s not hard to put one of these into your life.

Prepare yourself a paradise garden

Heavenly flowers come to your mind when you speak of heaven, aren’t you? Then you can start growing flowers. In the climate of the region where you live there is a suitable colored flower. Investigate these flowers on the Internet. Pink, yellow, lilac or red ler If your furniture has tones, your flowers can create contrast with these tones. Or you can start growing plants and flowers in the same tones. Flowers Life will also increase your energy.


For flooring, you can use marble stone or grass suitable for your style. If your garden is large, you may want to add a path from the garden to your home. For this road, you can also use marble lawn or stone.

You can choose your garden furniture via the Maisons du Monde student discount. You can buy hundreds of wonderful furniture, pillows, hammocks, chairs, tables, coffee tables, lighting and everything you can think of from this site. And you can design a gorgeous garden for your style

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